Two Free Hands Tour Round One wrap up + Round Two Announcement

Round one

I'm very grateful to all who came out to the first shows of the Two Free Hands tour. This was the first time since 2015 I'd had the chance to put together shows around new music, and it was exciting to be working with new songs, an updated visual aesthetic, and what a friend the other day termed my 'social media boycott,' which, much as I wish it was true, isn't - but it captures the attitude. The DPAG, Blue Smoke, Wellington Museum and Freida's all turned out to be great spaces to put this show on. 

Sam Smith from the 13th Floor wrote this thoughtful review of the last Freida's show, and I think it captures the night very nicely. The only correction I'd make is that the Folk versus 90's Ponsonby House song I played last is a newly written, unreleased song. I'll explain that one at some point. 

Matthew from Golden Dawn lent me some of their lights for that show, and suggested I find a good moment to turn on the disco light - which I forgot about on the first night, but managed to incorporate into the end of Railway Lines on the second. Russell Brown caught this video just after it went off.

It was great to meet the people who'd been listening - from people who'd been coming for years and wanted to hear songs like Timing, to people who only knew 'Two Free Hands,' or people who had seen The Chills shows. I mentioned at a couple of shows how delighted I was, after playing 'Barry Smith of Hamilton' to get real Natural Bee Pollen from a guest in Christchurch - here's me and Michael with his Jar of home-caught Bee pollen. 


Round Two - High Summer

Thanks to direct requests from people in the towns, I've decided to add a new run of shows that hit some of the regional centres I wasn't able to get to in November. I'm also doing a farewell show for Auckland cultural hub, The Golden Dawn: Tavern of Power, on a Tuesday - my old bartending night. AND I am beyond excited to do a special holiday season show in Whanganui at the Hall beside the Ward Observatory, a couple of nights before Christmas. 

I'm formally announcing the dates, together with some January Australian shows next week, but for now - here are the New Zealand dates, and also a couple of the festivals I'll be appearing at in February.  

Tickets for all shows here

(except the festivals. which are available from their websites)

Friday, Dec 22 - Whanganui, Ward Observatory, 8.30pm

Tues Jan 23 Auckland, The Golden Dawn, 7.30pm

Friday Jan 26 - Hamilton, The Meteor Theatre, 8pm

Saturday, Jan 27 - New Plymouth, 4th Wall Theatre, 8pm

Friday, February 2 - Napier, Paisley Stage, 8pm

Sat Feb 3-Mon Feb 5  (Somewhere near) Whanganui - Gathering In The Forest Festival

Sat Feb 10 Wanaka -  Tuki Festival

As Lawrence Arabia said in his excellent album last year - it's impolite to say that it's the best summer ever, especially while in the presence of farmers.' But hell, it's hot where I am, I hope you're enjoying, or coping where ever you are, and I hope you have a safe and rewarding high summer. 


Anthonie Tonnon