RNZ Interview, brief notes from the road

RNZ Live Session

I was grateful to capture this performance and interview recently for Music 101 on RNZ. There is the version of Two Free Hands below- but there's also a performance of Leave Love Out Of This, which is a yet-to-be released song.

The Music 101 team and I worked really hard on this one, while John Campbell and the Checkpoint team buzzed around the room waiting for the announcement from Winston Peters, the day the government was announced. 

Updates from the road:

I was incredibly lucky to be part of Tally Ho 2 with the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra last Saturday, and there has been an incredible response to the show. Graeme Downes, Roy Colbert and the generous leap of faith from the DSO, and the singers have created something very rare and extraordinary. 

Dunedin's Thursday show started selling very fast after Saturday - but it's a good sized room so there are still tickets - including new children's tickets I've just put up here. The show is all ages, and there will be a bar at the start of the show, and free tea. 


While on holiday in Europe, Sue Campbell - who came to the Blue Smoke show on Sunday, found a sculptural equivalent of the Two Free Hands Art. I've showed it to Daniel and he approves. 

20171007_155016 (1).jpg
Anthonie Tonnon