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Above - you will find travel instructions, and a brief context to each show.

Below - a little more on the concept.

In the long twilight of the summer holidays, the last days of the working year, Rail Land will travel on all of the rail networks that still offer public transport in Aotearoa, and also recreate a public transport journey for one night in Te Waipounamu, with the help of our sponsor, Dunedin Railways.

Each show, and the experience of the journey to get there, will be a poetic and practical exploration of passenger rail, and a meditation on what it means to us in the modern era.

These will be earlier shows, with the Auckland, Greater Wellington and Dunedin area events timed to allow return travel by train, while the Palmerston North show will cater to audiences who live locally, and to those willing to embark on a magnificent, overnight holiday by rail.

Rail Land will also be a collectible program, available at the shows, designed by Daniel Blackball, that includes reading material, maps and music, including Old Images, alongside other unreleased material.

We’re also working on a way to decorate these shows with railway ephemera. If you have something you’d like to show, we’d love to hear from you - anthonie (dot) tonnon (at) gmail.com.

Our railways are miraculous, poetic, and mysterious things. The are gifts from the past to the future, and if they didn’t exist now, they would be impossible to build from scratch. Each has a story, and this tour will tell a little of each one.