Rail Land Gonville Presents: The No. 6 Tram Route

Announcing an addition to the Rail Land: Gonville experience:

Introducing the No.6 Tram route - a special chartered bus to and from the show that recreates one of two Tram routes that served Gonville and Castlecliff for 40 years, and still shape their layout.

Whanganui_Rail_Land_final-01 (1).png

This is both poetic and practical for me - I've always thought there should be late buses in Whanganui, particularly for Castlecliff, and these did exist, even after the trams. For one night, we're bringing them back.

I'll be on the bus, looking for the night time evidence of the Tram Line, and the Tramshed will be open to pop in and take a look at the old timetables and the number 12 Tram.

You can ride from Castlecliff or the City directly to the venue, or ride the full length of the line before getting of at the venue. In any case, it's just $5. You can also get on or off at your nearest bus stop on the route.

The Castlecliff bus will arrive at St Peters at 7.05. For this reason, we'll open the doors at St Peters a little early, and we have food and a licensed bar available.

Now that we have our license, we can also welcome young people under 18 with a legal guardian, and tickets for these people are just $12. If you've already bought for a young person but paid full price, you're welcome to email me and we'll even it out - anthonie.tonnon@gmail.com

Anthonie Tonnon